Historical Research

Specialized research requires unique skills and knowledge. History Works develops and executes research strategies that value historical context and interpretation. We are adept at locating and working with unusual and hard-to-find primary sources and evidence. Assignments take us to specialized libraries, archives, and historical collections throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Corporate and Organizational Histories

Is your past usable? Are your historical “treasures” disorganized, stashed away in a storage closet, or boxed up in the basement? Is your institution’s memory residing with the office “old-timer,” or did it retire along with the founder or other key employees? History Works can help you preserve and present your history in useful and engaging ways. We can also help you plan for future historical needs.

Family and Personal Histories

Legacies are worth leaving. Have you inherited a collection of photos, letters, or other historical materials and don’t know what to do with it? History Works can help you put your history house in order and make your archives accessible to extended family members.

Perhaps you are looking to take stock of a long and productive career. Or maybe you want to document key chapters of your life so you can share those stories with family or friends. History can also serve as an effective way to impart a sense of tradition and an ethos of stewardship to descendants who will inherit responsibilities, money or property.

Samples of History Works publications (Click for preview.)

Law Firms

History Works provides historical research and expert support services for complex litigation.